Read on to find out the value of berries / belly, their exchange rate to the dollar and the design of the coins and banknotes of this iconic anime.

One Piece Berries to Dollars: Estimating the Value of currency echange

One common question among fans is, “What is the value of Berries in real-world currency?” Unfortunately, “One Piece” does not provide a direct conversion rate for Berries to dollars or any other real-world currency.

However, we share with you an approximate exchange rate between One Piece berries and US dollars.

75 Berries = 1 USD

One Piece berries banknotes design and value

The only thing we know is that there are 3 types of bills in the world of One Piece.

Below, we share with you some of the designs of the berries banknotes that have been seen in the One Piece anime:

1.000 belly / berries Usaguchi Hideo

10000 berry one piece banknote
one piece paper money

5.000 belly / berries Kumaguchi Ichiro

5000 berry one piece money

10.000 belly / berries Gaikotsu Yukichi

1000 one piece money
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One Piece berries coins

In the world of One Piece, we know from SBS volume 53 that there are 6 types of Berries coins with a value of: 500, 100, 50, 50, 10, 5 and 1 belly.

berries coins one piece money

One Piece currency: Berries in the Grand Line

In the world of “One Piece,” where pirates roam the vast oceans, the primary currency is Berries. Berries are the equivalent of gold, silver, and coins in our real world. They serve as a universal means of exchange and are highly sought after by pirates, bounty hunters, and merchants alike.

The Origin of Berries

While the exact origin of Berries remains a mystery within the series, they are believed to have been in circulation for centuries, long before the events of “One Piece.” These crimson-hued coins have become an integral part of the world’s economy and are accepted everywhere from bustling marketplaces to remote islands.

Value in the Grand Line

The value of Berries within the “One Piece” world varies significantly based on the location and the demand for goods. In some regions, a small amount of Berries can buy a meal, while in others, vast fortunes may be required to purchase valuable treasures or services.

Buy One Piece coins and banknotes

In several online stores and specialized anime centers you will find all kinds of One Piece coins and banknotes, with different designs. Here are some examples:

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banknotes one piece currency