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List of countries that use Euro

The euro is the official currency of the Eurozone, which consists of 20 European Union member states. These countries are:

euro money map countries

IMPORTANT! There are also small independent countries within Europe that use the euro as their official currency. These are the following:

  • Andorra
  • San Marino
  • Monaco
  • Vatican city

These countries have adopted the euro as their official currency and are all located within Europe. This means that they share a common monetary policy set by the European Central Bank, which helps to ensure economic stability and growth.

Since its introduction in 1999, the euro has become the second most traded currency in the world after the US dollar. It’s widely used by tourists and businesses all around the globe, making it a key player in the global economy. In fact, many central banks hold the euro as a reserve currency, which further highlights its importance.

Overall, the introduction of the euro was a major milestone in the integration of the European Union. It has made cross-border trade and economic activity easier within the Eurozone, and it has had a significant impact on the European economy.

European countries NOT using the euro

But while the euro is the official currency of the Eurozone, there are still some countries in Europe that have chosen to keep their own currencies. For example:

  • The UK has the pound sterling
  • Switzerland has the Swiss franc.
  • Bulgaria, Bulgarian Lev
  • Czech Republic, Czech koruna
  • Denmark, Danish Krone
  • Hungary, Hungarian Forint
  • Poland, Polish zloty
  • Romania, Romanian leu
  • Sweden, Swedish Krona

However, even in these countries, the euro is sometimes accepted as a form of payment.

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