Are you a fan of the epic ninja adventures in the world of Naruto? If so, you’ve likely encountered the concept of Naruto money during your journey through this beloved anime and manga series.

We’ll delve into the mysteries of Naruto currency, exploring the Ryō, coins, and banknotes examples. Keep reading!

Naruto Money: Ryō as the Ninja Currency

In the shinobi world of Naruto, the primary currency is known as Ryō.

These small gold coins are an essential means of exchange, serving as the lifeblood of the ninja economy. Whether it’s purchasing equipment, paying for missions, or obtaining supplies, Ryō plays a central role in the daily lives of ninjas.

Ninjas in the Naruto series earn Ryō through various means, including completing missions, participating in battles, or taking on part-time jobs (similar to One Piece money). The amount of Ryō earned can vary significantly based on the complexity and danger level of the mission or task.

  • Sarutobi bounty = 35 million
  • Mission D = 5.000
  • Mission S = 1 million

Coins in the Naruto World: Examples

Examples of Naruto Coins

While Ryō is the primary currency, Naruto occasionally introduces the concept of coins in the series, though not in a detailed or functional capacity. Here are some images:

naruto banknotes money

Naruto banknotes

Here is an image of the banknotes in the Naruto series that we have seen in some episodes:

naruto banknotes ryo
naruto ryo

Naruto currency Exchange Rate to US dollar

One intriguing aspect of Naruto money is the absence of a specified exchange rate to real-world currencies like the US dollar.

  • We can estimate that 1 ryō is 10 yen.
  • Then, the exchange rate would be 1 dollar = 14 ryō

The series doesn’t provide a direct conversion, as it primarily focuses on the adventures and growth of its characters, leaving the economics of the ninja world largely unexplored.



In conclusion, Naruto currency in the form of Ryō is an integral part of the series, reflecting the economic underpinnings of the shinobi world. While coins occasionally make appearances, they are not extensively explored and often serve symbolic or thematic purposes.

As you continue to immerse yourself in the ninja battles, friendships, and growth of Naruto and his comrades, remember that the true treasure lies in the bonds forged through adversity and the unwavering determination to protect loved ones.

So, keep watching, reading, and embracing the ninja way in the captivating world of Naruto!